Our story

Idea of VUUMLY was born back in Summer 2020 as a side project, and first saw the daylight September that year. It lived under its initial name, ScouterMap ( a pun between scooter and to scout ) up until early 2022, when both the personal interest and growing appreciation of its existing users motivated us to move it from hobby level to an actual business.

The present

Some work has been done, but there's way more to do, for example, we are soon launching iOS app. We have some big and exciting plans for the future, some of which we are already working on, so stay tuned!

Android app, Nov' 22

After a summer of research, learning, improving, developing and testing, VUUMLY launches mobile app for Android. VUUMLY gets acceoted into VEFRESH Urban Mobility Pre-accelerator and actively prepares for pitching.

Second prototype, June '22

New prototype is released. Jana joins the team, and, still under the name ScouterMap, the trio enrolls in VEFRESH Urban Mobility incubator.

Waking up, Spring '22

After hybernating through the 2021, the initial team resumes conversation about developing the project further. Eugene overtakes software engineering of the project and starts working on new features.

First protoype, Sept '20

Ylva and Eugene publish the very first prototype. At first, it is only a section "Scouter" under Ylva's personal website, but nonetheless accumulates first fans, earning its own domain and thus the extended name ScouterMap

The initial idea, Aug '20

After Ylva, an active user of mobility services, expresses a hope for someone to make an aggregator map for all of the services, Eugene encourages her to do it herself

First months into Covid-19

While in some locations, the safety precautions takes a bite out of the local mobility market, whereas in other locations, like Riga, mobility prosperes

Meet the founders

Business Development & Partnerships

Jana Golubeva

Experienced business development manager with more than a decade of experience with digital product development in finance and eCommerce sectors for B2B and B2C clients
Software Engineering & Design

Eugene Zaremba

Full Stack Engineer with a strong eye for design and a passion for turning ideas into interactive applications and bringing global-scale products to a new level
Public Relations & Product Vision

Ylva Kravis

Once a senior engineer and team lead specialising in SaaS products, eCommerce and digital marketing, now a senior manager in one of GAFAM companies. 

Try it for yourself

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